Credit Investigation Report Services


Information - fast, accurate and clearly presented-is the lifeblood of modern business. To gain and maintain a competitive edge in an increasingly tough environment, today's business executive needs rapid access to a vast and ever expanding range of external data on customers, competitors and suppliers.

Mirroring the increasing importance of information within the business community, CISI Raya Utama has grown since 1985 from a small operation with a handful of staff into an organization employing professional in information business. Over the past decade, our expertise in collecting and analyzing company information has enabled us to the leading specialist provider of company credit and business information in the country.

Credit Report Service CISI format was first created in 1977, and was introduced in 1985. Line with the times and the importance of detailed information, we innovate to make the format of Credit Report Service is more detailed, accurate and easily understood when read. The new format is divided into two parts such as:
    1. CISI Standard (Credit Investigation Report)
        a. Company Investigation Report
This report contains the Background Legal, Financial Statements, Management Company, and others.

        b. Personal Investigation Report
The contents of the report tell of the personal background of entrepreneur referred starting from where he was born to where he lives and Businesses that he did.

        c. Group Investigation Report
Group Report explains about all the companies belonging to the group

    2. CISI Special (Special Credit Investigation Report)

Special CISI report format is a Special Service of CISI. This format is specially prepared in accordance with the Client requests.

    3. Other Service

in addition we can also help you to find supporting data to assist business executives in making decisions such as Article Association of Business and Company Financial Statement Business Association.

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